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A Direct Marketing Campaign for a Consumer Product Essay

A Direct Marketing Campaign for a Consumer Product - Essay Example  The advertising planâ ¨ will target crowds from the ages of twelve years of age to twenty-one years of age. Just the understudies from high schoolsïÆ'', universities and college of this age gathering will be picked in the main showcasing stage inside the Los Angeles Area. The private secondary schools are Loyola High School, Immaculate Heart High School, Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School, Windward School, Sheenway School, Daniel Murphy High School, Marymount High School, Shalhevet High School and Green Pastures Academy. The open secondary schools will be John Marshall High School, Los Angeles High School, Dorsey High School, Eagle Rock High School, and Belmont High School. The Colleges remembered for our school visits are Academy Pacific Travel College, Agape Christian  The Lipton Green Tea (LGT) will be depicted as having the useful wellbeing fixings, for example, the truly necessary nutrients and minerals and its regular item without any additives, added substances, and food shading accordingly wiping out the chance of having hurtful reactions will be the primary subject of the advertising plan. This promoting procedure to pull in a specific objective crowd will be actualized from January 2006 to June 2006. Free one jug tests will be given to the planned adolescent.  They will at that point top off an overview poll to decide their taste remarks and different remarks and recommendations. Brilliant costly pamphlets and flyers will be given to each free inspecting understudy publicizing the numerous medical advantages taking the Lipton Green Tea to make them acquainted with the items. The LGT will have a similar selling cost as a Coke item. This implies the LGT will have an exceptionally idealistic projection of its showcasing system to corner a major part of the refreshment devouring business sector.

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Knowledge, Attitude and Breast Cancer Screening Practices in Ghana Essay

Presentation  â Breast malignant growth in its least complex definition is the disease of bosom tissue. It is the most well-known nonskin malignancy that influences ladies in the United States and the most elevated casualty paces of disease passings among ladies in low-asset nations (Anderson et al 2006). Seriousness of bosom malignancy varies dependent on its degree of tissue intrusion. Ductal carcinoma in situ is the most widely recognized noninvasive bosom disease while penetrating or intrusive ductal carcinoma is the most well-known bosom malignancy that represents about 80% of obtrusive bosom disease. Bosom knots introduction is the commonest type of introduction paying little mind to the bosom malignant growth type (ACS 2005). Epidemiologic variables are ascribed to dietary and ecological hazard factors, despite the fact that relationship of diet and bosom malignant growth had fluctuated results. Ecological hazard factors include the presentation to a few poisonous components which represents the expanded rate of bosom malignant growth in Western nations. Liquor admission is likewise considered to impact in the expansion of the quantity of cases in the US populace. Age is likewise considered as malignant growth hazard factor and can be ascribed to hormonal change. Hereditary variety and ethnicity are not out of degree for the examination of bosom malignancy chance variables (Barton 2005). Determination and Pathology of Breast Cancer: In 2002, Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI) along with board of bosom disease specialists and patient backers build up an agreement of proposals for the analysis of bosom malignant growth in constrained asset nations (Shyyan 2006). Histopathologic determination included fine-needle goal biopsy which was perceived as the most economical, center needle biopsy and careful biopsy and had an accord of picking the technique dependent on the accessibility of devices and skill. They gave accentuation on the connection of histopathology, clinical and imaging discoveries. They conceded to the need of histopathologic analysis before bosom disease treatment. In 2005, BHGI board suggested an extra procedure of bosom malignant growth the executives. They define indicative system and histopathology techniques into †â€Å"basic, constrained, upgraded, and maximalâ€from most reduced to most noteworthy resources†. Fundamental level incorporates clinical history of the patient, clinical bosom assessment, tissue conclusion and clinical record keeping. Constrained level incorporates the expanding assets that empower demonstrative imaging usage, for example, ultrasound with or without mammography, tests that can assess metastasis, utilization of picture guided examining and hormone receptor inspecting. Improved level incorporates demonstrative mammography, bone examining and an on location cytologist. Maximal level incorporates mass screening mammography (Shyyan 2006). Treatment of Breast Cancer: Treatment incorporates medical procedure, radiotherapy or chemotherapy or mixes of these three treatment modalities. As per American Cancer Society (2005), treatment can be neighborhood or fundamental. Nearby treatment of the tumor is managed without influencing the remainder of the body. Medical procedure and radiation are instances of this treatment. Then again, foundational treatment which incorporates chemotherapy, hormone treatment and immunotherapy, is surrendered to the circulation system or by mouth to arrive at the malignant growth cells that may have spread the past the bosom.  Radiotherapy is a treatment of bosom malignancy with high-vitality beams to help contract the disease cells. It very well may be given outside of the body (outer radiation) or can be set straightforwardly into the tumor as radioactive materials (ACS 2005). It might be offered outside to the body.â Radiotherapy requires sheltered and successful application requiring suitable offices, staff and hardware. Radiotherapy ought to be applied immediately, ought to be open to everything except without prolongation of the general treatment time presentation. It is a piece of an indispensable piece of bosom preserving treatment. It is required in practically all ladies with the bosom disease, and along these lines ought to be accessible (Bese 2006).   Chemotherapy is the utilization of anticancer medications that are managed through infusion in the vein or taken orally as a pill. It might be given before bosom disease medical procedure to lessen the size of the tumor or might be given after the medical procedure to decrease the opportunity ofâ repeat (ACS 2005). This treatment is done in cycle the most widely recognized of which is 3-6 months. Most normal symptoms of these medications generally stopâ once the treatment is over, for example, in hair falling. Some ofâ drugs utilized as chemotherapyâ  are tamoxifen, cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, 5-fluorouracil doxorubicin, epirubicin, taxane and aromatase . These are typically endorsed in mix, and treatment is finished with adjuvant treatment, for example, radiotherapy and pre-and post activity ( Eniu 2006).  â â â â â â â â â â Surgical administration in bosom malignant growth is exceptionally normal. This is done to expel however much as the malignancy as could reasonably be expected and to see if the disease has spread to the lymph hubs under the arm. Medical procedure can likewise reestablish the presence of the bosom and calm the indications of cutting edge disease. ACS (2005) discharged a portion of the regular surgeries in bosom disease. These are lumpectomy, incomplete or segmental mastectomy, basic or all out mastectomy, altered radical mastectomy and radical mastectomy. RESULTS  Bosom malignant growth patients in Ghana. The current examination which included ladies with mean age populace of 48 yearsâ uncovered a practically reliable discernment concerning bosom cancer.â â They knew that bosom malignant growth is exceptionally expanding in their place yet not educated regarding the reason for illness. The entirety of the responders didn't know about family bosom malignant growth history with the exception of one. Data about bosom malignancy was obtained through TV and radio projects. Just afterâ meeting with specialists because of protuberances orâ torments in their bosom and some because of fluid coming out of their bosom, that they were educated that they have bosom malignant growth. The majority of them experienced bosom tissue test for affirmation of the illness. A while later, they were encouraged to experience medical procedure with clinical treatment. The responders were uninformed of the bosom malignancy screening and counteraction. Truth be told, out of 10 responders, just 2 (20%) of them knew about bosom self assessment and clinical bosom assessment and conceded that they every so often practice BSE. None of the responders thought about mammogram with the exception of one (10%) of them who has known about it yet never had attempted one. The inclination towards the information on securing the ailment was additionally the equivalent; the sentiment of being a weight in the family was normal. They were hesitant to confront the truth yet have understood that they need to battle the sickness through the consolation and backing of relatives andâ help of clinical experts. The example populace knew about the botanist and confidence healers yet they didn't submit themselves into that sort of treatment since cultivator have notâ demonstrated remedy for bosom cancer.â The most well-known objection of the responders was the significant expense of treatments, hospitalization and specialist charges. The treatment cost ran toâ  ¢250,000- ¢24 million but to one of them who got a free treatment for being enlisted to a clinical preliminary. Assumptions of the members were the equivalent. Deferral of treatment was credited to their far off spot from the wellbeing centers; a few offices like x-beam were not accessible in the facilities andâ significant expense of treatment. These individuals requested the advancement of bosom disease the executives through instruction spread to the network by medicinal services suppliers and an assistance from the administration to offer budgetary help to the individuals who can't stand to submit themselves for treatment. Patients in bosom malignant growth center. In this piece of the examination, ladies with mean age of 42 years who were in bosom malignant growth center were incorporated. Most regular clinical grumbling was protuberance and agony in the bosom while others submit themselves for screening since they have quite recently heard it from the radio/TV.  The study uncovered that ladies who were going to the facility were not really educated regarding the reason bosom malignant growth yet mindful of its expanding pace of mortality. Misguided judgment about the reason for bosom disease, for example, introduction to coins was not normal but rather didn't bar the type of injury because of control of the bosom. Others correspond bosom disease with smoking and taking mixed drinks. They didn't know about their family ancestry of bosom disease.  Information in regards to bosom disease was gained through TV and radio projects and others were through their loved ones. The greater part of the respondents accepted that early location and brief treatment of the malady can forestall the negative result of bosom malignancy, for example, expulsion of their bosom or the most noticeably terrible would be disease demise. Just one out ofâ 10 members (10%) really practice bosom self assessment (BSE). The greater part of them were educated regarding BSE yet not really rehearsing it. They were likewise mindful of healers and botanist yet they didn't accept that they can fix bosom malignancy however didn't differ of the likelihood that cultivator and healers could treat different infections or diseases like hypertension. The members recommended that it would be better if the administration would give or build up more social insurance centers for bosom malignant growth screening and give free screening programs particularly to the individuals who can't bear the cost of toâ pay for significant expense of treatment of the illness and for an open-simple access to all particularly to those in rustic territories. One of the members suggestedâ that specialists should concentrate further about the treatment of bosom malignant growth as opposed to turning to bosom medical procedure. Healers engaged with bosom malignant growth the board. A large number of the number of inhabitants in Ghana are as yet disparaging healers and cultivator as a resortâ of treatment. Two healers from Ghana were meet

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Tips for Visiting Campus for the Weekend

Tips for Visiting Campus for the Weekend It appears to me that campus visits have lost their morale a bit in recent years. What used to be an opportunity to stay with a friend and experience life on campus has turned into an excuse for high schoolers to visit and go crazy. If and when you decide to visit a friend on campus for a weekend, here are some things to remember and great places to check out. DO NOT visit on a holiday. Gif from Giphy I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT visit campus during a holiday weekend, such as Halloween. It is both an inconvience for you and the person you are visiting because a) you will be too overwhelmed and distracted to get a true feel for the campus, and b) your friend shouldnt have to babysit during your visit. It is best to visit on a calm weekend so that you have plenty of free time to explore. Check out the Quad. Nothing says welcome to campus quite like a selfie on the Quad. Plus, it is a central location on campus, so there are always students out and about. If you visit during the fall, take a seat and people watch for awhile. You will also be right next to the Illini Union, so feel free to stop by and grab a snack, some coffee from Starbucks, and ask any a staff member any questions. Step into a lecture hall. Gif from Giphy Understandably, this can seem incredibly intimidating. But the reality is that in a large lecture class, no one will know if youre a student or not. Just make sure to plan ahead. You can check out all the classes you can sit in on here. Even if the class you observe is not for your intended major, it is a great experience and will give you a feel for what your classes may be like. Overall, it is important to remember  the purpose of a campus weekend visit: to get a feel for campus. Stay respectful to whoever is housing you, and remember to take advantage of evert opportunity given. Stay safe, and have fun! Gif from Giphy Rachel Class of 2020 I am studying Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Social Sciences and Literacy in the College of Education. Although I now reside in Champaign, I am originally from Vernon Hills, a Northwest suburb of Chicago.

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Cyber Culture And Its Impact On Modern Society - 1833 Words

The rapid change in technology has become such a central topic in our modern society, that it has immensely influenced all mankind and media. Since the immergence of automata to artificial intelligence, there has always been an uncomfortable relationship feeling towards the conflicting concepts of machine dominance and the liberation of humans from mundane labor. Many questions and concerns come to how rapidly it is evolving, and the dangers that may arise as a result of it in the near future. The ‘Cyber cultural society we live in today is shaped by these histories, in such a way that ‘man vs. machine’ has become an abundant theme and concept in entertainment fields and has been the inspiration for many sci-fi Film makers, theorists and writers to depict possible outcomes of future technology, and inform the society/ audience. Cyber culture surrounding us today, can be seen as a direct product of the histories of the relationship between man and machine. Since the early stages of human revolution, mankind have been finding ways to liberate and ease their lives in their amount of work. From hand tools to water clockwork to steam powered machines, a long history of evolution of machine ties deep knot with mankind who have created them. The birth of Egyptian water clocks in the 13th has been a huge impact on the entire world that has been extremely innovated to adapt to, and be used to our modern day demands. The clock has been invented for humans to estimate their time andShow MoreRelatedHow Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture?1436 Words   |  6 PagesHow is the Internet reshaping what we mean by culture? During the 20th century, electricity, the telephone, the automobile, and the airplane made the world more accessible to people and transforming our society in the process. Most people had to call their local bank to check their statements. Or wait for the paper invoice in the mail. The latest score for last nights hockey game were found in the local newspaper. Then came the accessible worldwide system of interconnected networks called theRead MoreEssay How Is The Internet Reshaping Culture1362 Words   |  6 PagesHow is the Internet reshaping what we mean by culture? During the 20th century, electricity, the telephone, the automobile, and the airplane made the world more accessible to people and transforming our society in the process. Most people had to call their local bank to check their statements. Or wait for the paper invoice in the mail. The latest score for last nights hockey game were found in the local newspaper. Then came the accessible worldwide system of interconnected networks called theRead MoreCyber Culture And Cyber Cultures1430 Words   |  6 Pagestheir work easier with some new technologies and getting introduced to a new cyber world which also can be called as cyber cultures. The term cyber culture creates a lot of acceptable technology courses. The virtual reality, and online communities show that there is a necessity of cyber cultures in educational purpose, and economic social cultures. To help these people who are in desperate need for these cyber cultures a person named David Bell came up with new ideas to make a th eory which is similarRead MoreCyber-bullying Powered by Technology869 Words   |  4 PagesCyber-bullying has become a huge issue recently not only in high school but in the middle schools as well. For awhile there it seemed that just about every time you turned on the news there was another story of bullying or a suicide related to bullying incident being reported. â€Å"Love is louder† has become a popular phrase among celebrities and other influential figures lately. They’re trying to send out a message to anyone listening saying that bullying is wrong and it shouldn’t be tolerated. WithRead MoreDoxagram Effect Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagestechnology dependent society this is a commonly occurring issue. The issue at hand is categorized as computer information security or the lack there of and it is an issue that has been years in the making. Over the past three decades, technological innovation as well as technology literacy has improved at an exponential rate. Many individuals in the American society can remember a time before individuals had daily access to technology. It is a common rule in modern society to check for the pocketRead MoreCyberbullying: Are Social Networking Websites The Cause? Essay1320 Words   |  6 Pagesnetworking sites the act of cyber bullying - bullying and harassing someone through the internet was born. Now, whether or not the websites are the cause of cyber bullying has become a rather controversial topic. Abraham Foxman and Cyndi Silverman, both part of the Anti-Defamation League, vehemently feel that these social networking sites spawned cyber bullying. On the other hand, Kate Harding, blogger and author, believes strongly that while they may be involved in cyber bullying, social networkingRead MoreCyber Bullying or Digital Tormenting Essay1280 Words   |  6 Pages Cyber bullying or di gital tormenting is a manifestation of harassing that has been occurring a great deal all the more in center and secondary schools due to the change of innovation and expanded utilization of online networking systems. Something that has not by any means been built in these schools is disciplines. Do you know whether your center school or secondary school had a discipline for this? Precisely. It is not extremely normal for schools to have digital spooks suspended. Not due toRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying1705 Words   |  7 PagesAvian Williams Mrs. Crenshaw ENGL 2010 18 October 2017 The idea of cyberbullying is truly frightening, and the arrival of modern technology and the rise of social network make it even worst. With the invention of the Internet and its mass commercial use, some people might not have foreseen the issue of â€Å"cyberbullying† and how harmful it can really be. Cyberbullying is a real phenomenon that has been present for some time. Cyberbullying is defined as the use of the Internet and technology to purposelyRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pagesrelations and new friends acquired through these platforms. Social media has however been constantly abused, as people turn it into a ground to vent, lie, insult, bully or threaten others. The social networks no longer serve their intended purpose in the society and users have taken advantage of the free space to say whatever they want with no regard to how it affects others. People have used such domains to brandish their selfish acts and gains. In this paper, I argue that social media may be an outletRead MoreThe Eternal Effects of Cyber Bullying1196 Words   |  5 Pageshost of free blogging sites to mention a few avenues of the modern day bully school yard venue. Bullies once ruled the left of the sandbox just behind the swing set, yet their territory was limited to extortion tactics for lunch money, candy or other intimidation factors by pint size tormentors. The digital age is clearly revolutionary, it defines a lifestyle and culture in todays world that also lends itself to advancements such as cyber bullying, allowing predators of all ages to interrupt what

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Personal Statement for MSc Information Systems Free Essays

I believe that I am an ideal candidate to be considered for admission to the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program as I possess all the qualities needed for me to become successful in my future career. At present, I am at my final year at the University of Manchester taking up BA in Accounting and Economics, where I have consistently maintained my position as one of the top students in class. My grade is 60% or 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Personal Statement for MSc Information Systems or any similar topic only for you Order Now 1, which basically meets the requirements of program, and I intend to also get a grade of 2.1 in my examinations on May and June so that I would be placed in the Second Upper Class. In this regard, I believe that my grade more than speaks for itself as it shows that I am a highly competent student who would be able to meet and even surpass the high standards of the school’s MSc Information Systems: e-government program. Furthermore, I believe that the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program is one of the most competitive courses in the country and would no doubt help me attain my goal of being an expert in Information and Technologies (ICT) design and deployment in the context of an e-government. In addition, I also believe that the program has an in-depth curriculum that would not only help me comprehend the new trends and developments in ICT, but also enable me to critically analyze and address e-government issues which are related to various Information Systems. In short, after completing my degree in the program, I believe that I would definitely be well-equipped with the vital skills and fundamentals that would allow me to become highly adept in Information Systems of the e-government. In addition, since the program basically deals with the study of electronic or online government information systems that communicate with the people, I would also be able to learn essential information about the government and in effect, improve the delivery public service online. In other words, I believe that the course would allow me to be able to contribute to the betterment of society in my own little way. Moreover, if I am fortunate enough to be accepted into the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program, I believe I would no doubt be a highly valuable asset to the school as I have a good background on Information Technology and other computer-related courses. I have already taken up a Management Information System module last year and I am currently taking up Computerized Accounting System so I believe that upon my entry to the program I will already be equipped with the necessary skills and basics on Information Systems. However, I believe that what sets me apart from the rest of the applicants is my ability to keep up with and adapt to the constantly growing trends of technology, particularly, in Information Systems. I believe that this ability would enable me to fully understand the lessons I would be learning in the program and would help me apply my knowledge on various e-government issues regarding Information systems. Aside from my ability, I am also a person who always shows enthusiasm to learn new things. I believe that this is important in my career as it would help keep up with the fast growing pace of technology. In this regard, I believe that the ideal place for me to learn is at the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program, where I would be receiving the best education possible. In short, my various experiences, my extensive background on Information Systems, and most of all, my adaptability to new trends would no doubt enable me to make an impact on the school. If I am admitted, I would do my best and strive hard to become a highly-skilled and highly competent specialist in Information Systems of e-governments. Â   Â   How to cite Personal Statement for MSc Information Systems, Essay examples

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Lituma in the Andes Review Essay Example

Lituma in the Andes Review Paper Essay on Lituma in the Andes C Litumoy and, at the same time, and Llosa, I met quite by accident. My then young man gave me this book, and perhaps this is the best thing he has done for me. His great thank you for it! The book then still stayed with him, but I kept of her fondest memories, not so long ago, downloaded from the Internet, so I have it at hand. What about Litume. This Peruvian corporal, police hunting for the local vermin. In the mountains of Peru shastayut mysterious group tovarischa armed to the teeth with Kalashnikovs, and kill officials. Truly Elusive Avengers because no one can find them. With the crime scene they hide completely. Lituma investigating the case. And in the course of action it is that the comrades do with it. Just Andes a mystical place in Latin America, where the laws of humanity does not act. Here his world. Its laws. Here innkeepers works Dionysus himself and his wife Ariadne. Theres even a minotaur. Well, what I mean, gentlemen. Well, what laws? 🙂 We will write a custom essay sample on Lituma in the Andes Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Lituma in the Andes Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Lituma in the Andes Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Lituma here looks real alien. Human culture can not compete with the Greek myths. In short, in the face of magic realism. It seems to be a reality, but there are mixed so that no tale to tell, nor pen describe. The narrative in Llosa is also at altitude. Mountains, mountains One can see that the author is in love with his homeland. And this love is bit by bit, by letters coming, and flows in us. (As an idiotic advertising Coca-Cola »). Read it and you will like it!